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The expense of a long-term nursing home stay often forces seniors to rely on Medicaid. But without prior planning, many seniors run through their money before being ruled eligible. Florida Medicaid lawyer Teresa K. Bowman, P.A. offers an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation to advise you of your options if you, your spouse or partner becomes seriously ill and needs long-term care. Medicaid is a joint federal and state medical assistance program: both state and federal dollars make up the Medicaid budget. For many people seeking Medicaid eligibility, however, complex rules make navigating the system difficult. Your best course of action is to seek advice from someone who not only knows the laws but also understands the rules and policies of the agencies involved. We have offices in Sarasota and Osprey.

Thorough assistance with Medicaid planning in Sarasota and Manatee counties

People applying for Medicaid must meet strict income and asset limitations. Through estate planning, you can transfer assets to loved ones in advance of your application for Medicaid, but you must do so more than five years ahead of your application or you trigger a penalty period that automatically pushes back your eligibility. If you haven’t protected your assets through long-term planning, I may still be able to help you avoid undue financial hardship by providing reliable advice on:

  • Application preparation — I can help you gather the necessary information and apply to the Florida Department of Children and Families for Medicaid assistance. By minimizing the potential for errors, I can give you the best chance for a prompt, successful decision.
  • Qualified income trust — Also known as a Miller Trust, this instrument creates an entity that holds excess income that would disqualify you for Medicaid eligibility.
  • Spousal protection — In a situation where an “ill spouse” receives Medicaid coverage for nursing home care, the “well spouse” is allowed to earn a certain amount of extra income for support.
  • Protecting the marital home and marital assets — In Florida, a “well spouse” also enjoys protection for the home, home equity, and a portion of nonexempt marital assets.
  • Undue hardship exception — If you transfer assets that trigger a penalty period, you may be able to get a rarely granted exception if enforcing the penalty would cause undue financial hardship.

As a dedicated elder law attorney, I am committed to helping you get the medical assistance you need while protecting as much of your wealth as possible.

Contact a knowledgeable Florida Medicaid lawyer for advice on eligibility issues

Florida Medicaid attorney Teresa K. Bowman, P.A. helps people throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties with Medicaid eligibility and asset protection issues. Please call 941-735-5200 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my Sarasota or Osprey office.