Cost of Estate Planning Lawyer

Florida Probate Attorney Flat Fee

List of fees and rates

Most of the work completed by the firm is charged on a flat fee basis. All fees are discussed with the client and agreed upon before any work is begun. Fees may vary from those listed based on individual circumstances and complexity of work.


Estate Planning Fees

Most estate planning work is done on a flat fee basis. The fees quotes are based on drafting documents, minor redrafting as needed, and a follow-up meeting to execute the documents. The fees include copies of the finalized documents as requested and we will provide PDF copies by secure email as well.

Significant redrafting, or additional meetings to finalize documents could incur additional charges.

Single Person

Will, power of attorney, health care directive and living will $1150

Revocable Trust, Pour-over will, POA and HCD w LW, certificates of trust and funding instructions $2750

Married Couple

Wills, powers of attorney, health care directives and living wills $1950

Revocable Trust, Pour-over wills, POA and HCD w LW, one deed to trust (if needed),

certificates of trust and funding instructions $3750

Wills or Trusts that include Special Needs Trusts, trusts for minors, or spendthrift trusts will increase the package rates by $500-$1000 dependent upon type of trust and complexity of drafting.


Long Term Care Planning

The most complex area of my practice involves advising clients on government benefits such as SSI, Medicaid, and Veteran’s benefits. Significant time is spent with the client and advice is tailored to each set of unique circumstances.

Medicaid Eligibility $7000 and up dependent upon options

Medicaid fees include updating of all estate planning documents as needed

Irrevocable Trusts $2500 and up dependent upon complexity of drafting

Special Needs Trusts $2500 and up dependent upon circumstances and reporting requirements to state agencies (if needed)

Personal Services Contracts/Family Agreements $1500 – $1850 dependent upon circumstances and complexity


Deed to Trust Once included with Trust Package, others $250 each plus recording fees

Deed to convey property without title search $250 plus recording fees

Life Estate Deed $500 plus recording fees

Enhanced Life Estate Deed $995 plus recording fees


Probate and Trust Administration

Fees are determined at the time of consultation and agreed upon by client and attorney.

Fees are not subject any statutory fee requirements.


Consultation Fees

All consultations are followed up with an opinion letter dependent on the area of law outlining options, solutions and a suggested plan of action.

All consultations $295

Out of office – dependent upon circumstances, there may be a $150 trip charge.

These fees are representative of the fees normally charged in matters. However, all fees are subject to the specific facts of your situation, and sometimes the quoted fee will change (go up or go down) if the circumstances or facts warrant. All changes will be discussed and agreed to in writing.

Attorney hourly rate: $400.00 per hour on matters billed hourly.

Associate hourly rate: $300.00 per hour on matters billed hourly.