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Caring and careful legal guidance for seniors in Sarasota and Osprey

Whether you are a senior or love someone who is, Teresa K. Bowman, P.A. provides a welcoming environment to discuss your concerns and get the reliable guidance you need. For more than 15 years, I have practiced exclusively in areas affecting seniors. I understand that as we age, many of us become anxious about an uncertain future where we are likely to need help caring for ourselves but don’t wish to burden loved ones. It’s my job to provide answers that offer peace of mind and address your concerns about leaving a legacy to those you love. With sensitivity and clarity, I discuss all the aspects of the law related to your circumstances and develop sound strategies for implementing legal protections. With careful planning, I can help you avert some of the problems many older Americans face.

Trustworthy assistance for a variety of elder law issues in Sarasota

Elder law encompasses a range of issues all of us must face as we get older. Although it’s not always easy to discuss these matters, not doing so can leave you and your loved ones thoroughly unprepared. Responsible estate planning can remove uncertainty and worries about what the future holds. At my Sarasota office, I provide a range of services for my clients, including:

  • Wills — After discussing your circumstances and goals, I draft your will to your specifications, making sure it meets all legal standards for probate. I also review existing documents to ensure that they accurately reflect your current situation and priorities.
  • Trusts — Various types of trusts can protect your assets and transfer wealth to your loved ones after you pass. I explain how one or more trusts can help you achieve your goals for the present and the future. For example, I help clients establish special needs trusts to provide financial support for disabled family members.
  • Medical directives and powers of attorney — Executing an advance medical directive and/or power of attorney allows you to control your healthcare treatment and appoint a trusted person to manage your affairs if you become incapacitated by illness or injury.
  • Medicare coverage — I help seniors assert their rights to medical coverage under Medicare.
  • Medicaid planning — I help my clients avoid undue financial hardship with advanced planning that helps them qualify for Medicaid in the event they require long-term care.
  • Nursing home and assisted living care — I advocate for seniors residing in facilities to guard against neglect and ensure they receive the care they deserve.

Many of my clients find that these strategies take a great burden off their shoulders. That additional peace of mind by itself can improve your quality of life.

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Teresa K. Bowman, P.A. assists people throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties with all types of elder law issues, including medical coverage and estate planning. Please call 941-735-5200 or contact my office online to schedule an appointment.