Our Florida Estate & Elder Law Services

Certified Elder Law Attorney Guides Your Legacy and Future with Expertise

Welcome to Teresa K. Bowman, P.A., where your legacy's protection and the assurance of a well-prepared future are championed by our accomplished Certified Elder Law Attorney. Our dedicated legal professionals specialize in providing a comprehensive array of, elder lawestate planning and administration services that cater to your distinct needs, ensuring you can face the future with confidence and security.

Wills and trusts: Crafting intention, ensuring Legacy

Within the realm of estate planning, our Certified Elder Law Attorney excels in crafting wills and trusts that encapsulate your exact wishes. These crucial documents stand as a testament to your desires, whether it involves bequeathing assets, stipulating charitable contributions, or shielding wealth from undue taxation. With our expertise, your intentions will be impeccably translated into legally sound instruments.

Probate and estate administration: navigating complexity with sensitivity

Dealing with the legal intricacies of estate administration can be an overwhelming task, especially during times of emotional upheaval. Our Certified Elder Law Attorney is your empathetic guide through the probate process, ensuring the smooth distribution of assets in line with your loved one's will or the pertinent state regulations.

Power of attorney and healthcare directives: exercising control, ensuring care

Unforeseen circumstances can render anyone incapable of making crucial decisions. Through powers of attorney and healthcare directives, our attorney assists you in designating a trusted individual to act on your behalf for financial and medical choices if you're incapacitated. This foresight guarantees that your wishes remain respected during critical junctures.

Estate tax planning: preserving your wealth, ensuring legacies

Estate tax laws can pose significant challenges, potentially burdening your heirs. With our Certified Elder Law Attorney's astute knowledge, you can proactively mitigate these challenges. By employing strategic planning, we help you minimize estate tax liabilities, preserving the full value of your estate to support your loved ones effectively.

Business succession planning: perpetuating your entrepreneurial vision

For entrepreneurs, securing the future encompasses both personal and business aspects. Our attorney excels in business succession planning, ensuring the smooth transition of your enterprise to the next generation. This meticulous approach safeguards your business legacy and maintains the continuity of your hard-earned achievements.

Guardianship and minor planning: safeguarding your children's future

As parents, your children's welfare is paramount. Our Certified Elder Law Attorney aids in establishing guardianship arrangements and minor trusts, assuring that your children receive care from chosen guardians and that their financial future is secure. This includes preparing a special needs trust for disabled individuals.

Medicaid and long-term care planning: ensuring dignity and financial stability

 The prospect of long-term care expenses shouldn't compromise your financial stability. Our attorney specializes in Medicaid planning, enabling you to access necessary healthcare services while shielding your assets for the benefit of your heirs.

At Teresa K. Bowman, P.A., our Certified Elder Law Attorney stands ready to provide sensitive, adept guidance. Your needs and aspirations are the bedrock of our approach, and we're dedicated to tailoring strategies that mirror your values and priorities. Schedule a consultation with us today to embrace a future that's thoughtfully prepared and secure. Your legacy deserves nothing less than the meticulous attention and adept planning we provide. Our offices are located in Sarasota and Osprey, Florida.