Heading Into Hurricane Season

As we head into hurricane season, its important to be prepared in the event you need to evacuate your home. A lot of us were scrambling last year when hurricane Irma hit central Florida. I’ve read accounts of this same thing happening for those affected by the raging fires, so being prepared for any type of situation when you have to leave your home is a good idea.

I for one decided to be more prepared should we experience a strong storm this year, so I have been on the lookout for a helpful checklist to use. Just this week, I got an email from Everplans with an Emergency Evacuation Checklist attached. I thought it was pretty good list as it guides you through the thought process to begin putting together a book or folder of important documents that are easy to grab and go. There are also lists to help you think about what to pack if you worry you might lose your home and possessions. We can’t take it all with us, so we must only take those things that are truly irreplaceable.

I want to share that list with you, courtesy of Everplans. Here is the link to get the checklist: Download the Emergency Evacuation Checklist . I hope you find this helpful.